Lead20@Mit - Video script and image description

MIT Video Script

[Image description: A high-view camera zooms in on the main building of MIT Sloan School of Management.]

[Image description: Ben Shields appears on the screen with the words: Dr. Ben Shields, Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communications, MIT Sloan School of Management.]

Ben: MIT is extremely special place.

[Image description: Footage from the grounds outside the MIT Sloan School of Management. High-view footage hovering over the Longfellow Bridge and Charles River heading towards MIT.]

Ben: It is located in Kendall Square, here in Cambridge, which is one of the most innovative hubs, I would argue in the world.

[Image description: Pictures from inside the lobby and hallways of MIT Sloan School of Management.]

Ben: We have designed this very compelling and exciting five day program with the Ruderman Family Foundation on disability inclusion as well as social justice leadership in the digital age.

[Image description: A man standing in a business suit with his hand out holding a modern device. The man touches the device and a virtual projection of a globe appears and begins to rotate. The globe projects different coordinates from around the world and then words start to emerge connected by dots around the globe: equal, inclusion, respect, integrate, diversity, mission, building, business, values, opportunities, statement, team, charity, institutions.]

Ben: And what we're going to do in that program is bring participants from all around the world, [Image Description: The globe fades into a world map.] and train them in cutting-edge leadership, communication, and social media techniques.

[Image Description: Slider with the words ‘LEAD20@MIT A Program of LINK20: A Ruderman Family Foundation Initative’.]

[Image description: Jay Ruderman appears on the screen with the words: Jay Ruderman, President, The Ruderman Family Foundation]

Jay: We’re looking for people who already have a history of activism and advocacy. People who are established on social media. [Image description: Animated stick figures connected by red dotted lines to create a web between the stick figures.] People with disabilities, people without disabilities, people that are traditional activists that take their activism to the streets.

[Image description: A word cloud slowly forms with more than 30 words: civil rights, law, equality, justice, freedom, activism, etc.]

Jay: We are looking to take people who are leaders in this field, and help them become better leaders.

[Image Description: Ben appears on the screen.]

Ben: We will train participants on leadership communication skills [Image Description: Footage of an empty MIT lecture hall with tan desks and red chairs.] ranging from: speaking to writing to networking to influence and persuasive strategies [Image Description: Two pictures from a LINK20 Workshop. Activists sit around round tables during a presentation.] to social media and digital media tactics to convince audiences to drive change within their communities.

[Image description: Animated stick figures reappear and finish connecting with red dots while the words ‘social media’ flashes in the background.]

Ben: So we're looking for people that are going to work hard, want to have a little fun along the way, [Image Description: Two more pictures from the hallway of MIT] and that ultimately they will leave MIT with a project and initiative to help advance disability and inclusion causes in all of their communities.

[Image Description: The words APPLY NOW appear.]

LOGOS: LINK20, Ruderman Family Foundation, MIT Sloan School of Management